Elections to Althingi, the Parliament in Iceland

Welcome to the official website of the National Electoral Commission of Iceland.

The National Electoral Commission plays an important role in the preparation and execution of elections to Althingi, the Parliament of Iceland. In addition it is responsible for apportioning seats and consequently issuing electoral credentials of the Members, as decreed by law, Elections to Althingi, Act no. 24/2000. See also the Constitution of the Republic of Iceland

Furthermore the National Electoral Commission is involved in election statistics and electoral research.

The next elections to Althingi are to be held on September 25 2021.

The last elections to Althingi were held on October 28, 2017. 

Information on the results of past elections and the allocation of seats to the individual party lists can be found in these documents:

A description of the Parliament election system in Iceland and an analysis of the Parliament elections in 2003, 2007, 2009 and 2013 can be found here.
Apportionment of Seats to the Althingi  (pdf)

Further material on elections in Iceland, mainly on candidates and electoral participation can be found on the website of Statistics Iceland